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New holiday corny but tasty
National Corndog Day brings together the great American pleasures of basketball, dogs-on-sticks, Tater Tots and beer

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Date published: 3/21/2008


Over the past few years, Adam and Caroline Oblack of Stafford County have carefully observed people's corn-dog eating habits.

Corn dog No. 1 is consumed with great ceremony, they say, doctored not only with ketchup or mustard but with dollops of ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, honey mustard, horseradish or Tabasco.

Tomorrow will be the Oblacks' third annual observation of a 15-year-old phenomenon called National Corndog Day. The event began in the Pacific Northwest and has spread to all 50 states with the simplest premise:

Take the second round of the men's NCAA basketball tournament. Add vast quantities of corn dogs, Tater Tots, beer and soda. Invite some friends over. And revel.

It started small--a couple of high school friends in Oregon were watching basketball, and the dad of one boy made up a batch of corn dogs and Tater Tots for the teen-agers' sustenance.

The infusion of fatty foods allowed the boys to watch four basketball games back to back, and they thought it such a perfect combination that they spread the word.

At first there were just a few dozen parties, but as word spread via the Internet the event grew to include sponsors (a corn dog company and a beer company) and more and bigger parties.

The Oblacks' 2008 Corndog Day celebration will be among 4,900 nationally and 139 in Virginia this year, according to the event's Web site.

The Oblacks--who live in a Stafford neighborhood that shall not be named so as not to tempt corn-dog crashers--expect about 120 friends and neighbors to come and go during their all-day private party.

It's a family-friendly, low-key affair to which the Oblacks have shrewdly invited their closest neighbors. For those who live farther away, carpools and designated drivers are protocol.

Six televisions will capture all available games, and friends are free to come and go according to when their favorites are playing.

The hardiest of the bunch will attempt a magnificent feat of consumption called the "triple-double."

That is, they'll try to put away 10 corn dogs, 100 Tater Tots and 10 beers or sodas between the beginning of the first ballgame and the end of the last.

It's an ambitious and slightly disgusting undertaking.

The first guest to complete a "triple-double" gets bragging rights and temporary custody of a custom-made corn-dog trophy.

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For more information on corndog day visit: corndogday.com