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This year, Maine doesn't have to prove himself page 3
Mets' Maine looks for encore

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Date published: 3/22/2008


"That's not the game that I sat and look back at during the winter," Maine said. "The games I look back at are the ones that I was winning in the fifth, sixth, seventh inning and made one bad pitch and I end up blowing it. The games I made mistakes mentally and could have done better are the games I look at to try to improve."

And that's where Maine is this spring, trying to build on his success. He spent last spring training focused on getting hitters out so he could make the team. Now, with his spot in the Mets' formidable starting rotation secure, he wants to refine his game.

In the process, he's also dealing with everything that comes with a more prominent role. He now has Glavine's old locker, located at the end of the row near all the established superstars, such as pitchers Johan Santana and Pedro Martinez.

He's also making some guest appearances in April on the PBS math mystery cartoon "Cyberchase."

Such are the demands of an established big leaguer. Meanwhile, his goals for the season are simple: Pitch 200 innings, complement Santana and Martinez and help get the Mets back to the playoffs.

"We've got two guys here in Martinez and Santana that take all the publicity, and rightfully so," Maine said. "I'm just the guy sitting at the end of the locker, and that's perfectly fine with me."

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