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Look at the delegate count: Obama should drop out

Date published: 4/9/2008

Look at the delegate count: Obama should drop out

Watching the Sunday morning syndicates quibble about the primary process set me to wonder, "Who would be ahead if the Democrats had a majority-takes-all delegate process?"

After a quick Google search, I found all the delegates awarded to date. I simply awarded the majority vote all that state's delegates.

This is very close to the Republican process. Obama has taken more states, but Hillary has taken bigger states. The results? Clinton: 1,388, Obama: 1,308.

Florida and Michigan lean toward Clinton (300 more for Clinton) but currently do not count. So who's more electable?

Isn't it time Sen. Obama drops out so Sen. Clinton can get on with the process of trying to find a way to lose respectfully to our next great president, John McCain?

Seriously, why two vastly different processes? Conversely, would the Republicans still be at it if their system matched the Democrats'?

Ben Holmes