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Date published: 5/4/2008


Christopher Nadeau, who had been stationed at Quantico Marine Corps Base, entered Alford pleas last October to the first-degree murder charge, as well as charges of child abuse and child endangerment, just before a jury began to deliberate on the evidence against him.

Charges against parents dropped

Two people accused of inflicting life-threatening injuries on their infant son more than two years ago are in the clear--at least for now.

Stafford prosecutor Eric Olsen on Tuesday dropped serious felony charges against Joshua Scott Wallace, 32, and Brandi Blanken-Wallace, 27, in Stafford Circuit Court.

Olsen said he "nolle prossed" the charges because former Stafford Detective Joe McDermott, the lead investigator in the case, is in training for his new job with the U.S. Marshals Service and won't be available for about six months.

By then, the Wallaces' right to a speedy trial would have been violated.

In proceeding this way, Olsen would be able to reinstate the charges at a later day. He would not say yesterday if that is his intention.

Both Wallaces had been charged with aggravated malicious wounding, child cruelty and child neglect in connection with a Dec. 29, 2005, incident involving their then-10-week-old son Joshua.

Jail guard ordered to serve five years

A former correctional officer who provided drugs to an inmate and tried to acquire cocaine for himself was ordered Tuesday to serve five years in prison.

Allen W. Sellers, 36, who worked at the Rappahannock Regional Jail prior to his arrest, got a total of 20 years with 15 years suspended in Stafford Circuit Court.

The five years Judge Gordon Willis gave Sellers to serve far exceeded the state sentencing guidelines, which called for a maximum active sentence of a year and five months in prison.

Spotsy man charged with baby's death

A Spotsylvania County man has been accused of shaking his 2-month-old daughter to death.

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