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The school years fly by, but the Bush era is slow as molasses page 2
Elementary school ends, but the Democrats fight on.

 President Bush listens to questions during a 2007 press conference. His second term ends in January of next year.
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Date published: 5/18/2008

By Richard Amrhine


If it's the middle and high schools that prepare students for the real world, it's elementary school that prepares them for middle and high school. So by the time they reach the fifth grade, it's best that children understand that school is no longer just child's play. Courtland Elementary works hard to fulfill that responsibility.


I haven't addressed the presidential election campaign lately, probably because I thought the two parties' presumptive candidates would be established by now.

The two Democratic candidates, however, are doing their best to brighten Republican prospects by wounding each other with daily headline-making attacks. The Democratic spin is that the intraparty debate is healthy, that it underscores the party's penchant for exchanging ideas, and that unity will prevail in the end. Fine.

Democrats needn't really worry because they would have to forfeit the race to lose it. John McCain, despite having the temperament of Zeus (one can see him being so angry that he could shoot lightning bolts from his fingers), is a viable candidate. His military and public service, and his ability to survive the Hanoi Hilton, merit our thanks and respect.

But in the wake of George W. Bush, none of that matters. Whether Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, the Democrat will win, no matter what dirty tricks Rush Limbaugh tries to pull.


The Bush administration is leaving behind a train wreck of a nation. Thank goodness America is strong enough, and constructed by Founding Fathers wise enough, that it will certainly rise above his embarrassing bungling to lead the world another day.

But this November, the voters will do what is necessary to make the Republican Party pay, and pay it must, because President Bush:

Started a war he had no idea how to wage, against a conflicted culture he did not understand, that has now cost more than 4,000 American lives and will remain a ball and chain on the U.S. economy for years to come.

Headed a leadership vacuum as Hurricane Katrina barreled into New Orleans and the Gulf coast, then pursued leadership by photo-op in its aftermath.

Initiated a one-size-fits-all education program called No Child Left Behind that lacks the funding and organization to help the localities that need it, and bogs down those that don't with redundant mandates and crippling bureaucracy.

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