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Adam Himmelbach's letter home from Redskins training camp

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Date published: 7/30/2008

Last season, I searched far and wide to find a Redskin with a connection to Fredericksburg. (Fine, maybe I just looked at a roster, made a peanut butter sandwich and fell asleep on my couch.)

Anyway, last year I came up with Tyler Fredrickson, who had no real connection to our city, other than that his name sounded somewhat like the name of our city.

Like a kid trying to buy candy with Monopoly money, I wasn't fooling anyone. Fredrickson had as much to do with Fredericksburg as Doug Williams had to do with Williamsburg.

But this time, I've got one. Promise.

Meet Chad Rinehart, the rookie offensive lineman from Northern Iowa whom the Redskins selected in the third round of last April's draft.

Rinehart's uncle, Kerry O'Neill, lives in Fredericksburg.

"I think Chad's definitely the kind of guy people would want to get to know," O'Neill said. "He's very humble, and he appreciates what he has."

Humble? Appreciative? Strong enough to lift a small car?

Sounded perfect.

So now it's up to you, Fredericksburgers.

Since Rinehart isn't exactly oozing star power, there's a good chance you can have him to yourself.

If you act now, I'll even throw in a Chad Rinehart bobble-head doll. (OK, not really. But I could ask Chad to bob his head like a bobble-head doll. OK, not really.)

Just think of the possibilities. You can go to Redskins games and hold signs that say things like:

"My Rineheart never stops beating!"

"The Chad hangs in Fredericksburg!"

"That big rookie offensive lineman has an uncle that lives in the same city as me!"

When Kalahari opens, we could even suggest a Chad Rinehart Cannonball Day.

You get the point.

Rinehart has been a bit busy with football practice and stuff, so he hasn't had a chance to visit his uncle or our city yet, but he hopes to soon.

"This is actually my first time out on the eastern seaboard," said Rinehart, who is from Boone, Iowa. "But it is nice to have family around."

Will write more soon,

Adam Himmelsbach reports from Redskins training camp in Ashburn.