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Reality? Obama will never be elected

 Sen. Barack Obama
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Date published: 8/15/2008

Most people think Sen. Obama has this election in the bag, but in reality he stands very little chance of reaching the presidency because of the simple fact that he is far too liberal for America.

It always amazes me that Democrats continue to trot out the most liberal members of their party for presidential elections and are actually surprised when their socialistic policies are rejected by the electorate at the polls.

Republicans, on the other hand, usually have a moderate to centrist candidate who may be no great shakes, but who does appeal more to voters in the middle.

What's wrong with Sen. Obama's socialist policies? Well, you cannot tax your way out of a recession, as proved by Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter when they tried and made the economy far worse.

Sen. Obama's policies would shut down corporate America in order to protect their profits and force them to outsource more jobs overseas, leading to greater unemployment.

His energy policy of a windfall-profits tax on oil companies will keep energy prices high, which conservationists and environmentalists want, but will cut the legs off any economic rally and force a shaky economy into a recession.

We are not in a recession now, as some letter-writers have said, and the only recession under the Bush administration is the one he inherited from Bill Clinton.

Sen. Obama's only strength is that he is still relatively unknown. His image has been blown up to mythical proportions by an adoring media.

Yet he refuses to debate issues, so I must believe that he is incapable of speaking without a teleprompter handy, or that he just has no substance to back his policies.

The more voters are allowed to find out about him, the less enchanted they will become, and the undecideds will migrate to a safer presidential choice in Sen. McCain, a man with proven leadership capabilities.

Russ Duenow