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Pendulum swings to the left, thanks to the GOP
The long wait for Election Day is almost over

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Date published: 10/19/2008

By Richard Amrhine

NOTHING warms my heart on a crisp autumn day like yet another veteran Republican explaining all that is wrong with the GOP. The list of issues is long.

The criticism, coming from moderate Republicans such as former State Sen. John Chichester and outgoing U.S. Rep. Tom Davis, suggests that the party has done itself no favors by harping on taxes and divisive social issues to the exclusion of so much else.

The good advice is coming a bit too late, though, and will probably bounce off most GOP hardheads anyway. Del. Jeffrey Frederick, R-Prince William, the Virginia GOP chairman, continues to spew such nonsense about Sen. Barack Obama's "friends" and ideas that his own party has told him to shut up. Speaking of unsavory relationships, he probably pals around in Prince William with the anachronistic Del. Bob Marshall.

In 16 days, voters will have the opportunity to repudiate these many years of Republican rule, and help put the nation back on track.

Troubles with each of the country's Big Five issues--the economy, the wars, health care, education, and the environment--can be traced to the GOP's control of the White House for 20 of the past 28 years. Why anyone would want to extend that I don't know.

The current economic crisis and the presidential election should close out an era that began with the inauguration of Ronald Reagan in 1981.


We were relieved when the Cold War began to come to an end under President Reagan. But he also brought us tax-cut mania, trickle-down Reaganomics, deregulation, and record budget deficits.

When Reagan took office, his plan and cowboy demeanor were considered salve for a nation in turmoil. But the GOP refuses to understand that economic policies must change with the times.

The only respite we've had from tax cuts and federal deficits was during the Clinton administration. There was healthy economic growth along with a budget surplus. But Americans, apparently looking for utopia only two years into President Clinton's first term, were suckered by Newt Gingrich and his delusional Contract with America. Republicans took over Congress for the ensuing 14 years, regained the White House, and have brought America to its knees.

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