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Pendulum swings to the left, thanks to the GOP page 2
The long wait for Election Day is almost over

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Date published: 10/19/2008

By Richard Amrhine


George W. Bush's tax breaks to rich corporations and individuals are cheating the middle class and poor out of a brighter future. Attempting to make those cuts permanent is insane. Basing an economy on them spells economic disaster. The proof is all around us.

I have long subscribed to the concept of the political pendulum, which prevents the nation from leaning too far to the right or left. Americans are finally realizing that they've let it swing to the right too far and for too long.

I don't wish humiliation on anyone, but the current administration has brought it upon itself. With the McCain-Palin ticket now grasping at straws, the party is acknowledging the need to overcome Bush's many "blunders." They will burden America for years to come.

He mishandled Katrina, underfunded his own education plan, and ignored the science of climate change.


And then there is Iraq.

Like a used-car salesman with a leftover lemon--his father's unfinished business trip to Baghdad--President Bush sold a vengeful nation and its leaders on the need to go to war 5 years ago. How could he have been so wrong about something so important? Did he knowingly deceive himself, or just us? We now know that aside from its oil reserves, Iraq was merely one of the world's many oppressive dictatorships.

In the meantime, under the guise of homeland security, Bush 43 turned constitutionally guaranteed liberties into his personal list of rejected recommendations.

Bush has somehow escaped impeachment, but on Nov. 4 Americans can punish his party. Virginians can do that by voting Democratic for president for the first time since 1964. They can also choose, for the first time since 1973, to make Virginia's Senate delegation Republican-free.

To be sure, this political sea change in no way diminishes the long and distinguished career of fellow Washington and Lee graduate Sen. John Warner, whose voice of reason the GOP and the Senate will dearly miss. No one has earned the "maverick" label like the retiring senator from Virginia.

Without John Warner calling the issues as he sees them, however, the partisan head count in the Senate becomes more important. In the race between former governors, Democrat Mark Warner is leaving Republican Jim Gilmore in the dust.


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