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No Christian should support pro-abortion candidate Obama

Date published: 10/20/2008

No Christian should support pro-abortion candidate Obama

I am saddened that there are Christians supporting Barack Obama. I am full of Christian anger.

Think of Jesus in the temple turning over the tables. He was angry. Is one so eager for the first black president that one will support the killing of unborn babies? Is one so eager for anyone but a Republican that one will sacrifice the lives of millions of babies of all colors? Is it pride?

I believe there is evil in this election. A belief in God cannot deny evil. How can any Christian support a pro-abortion candidate? Can you imagine opening the Bible to the Gospels and reading a story of a pregnant woman who is distraught, crying? Perhaps she was a victim of rape.

Jesus sees her. He goes to her. Would he put his hand on her and say: "Woman, you are healed. The baby within you is no longer." Or would he look her in the eyes and say: "Woman, you have got to do what is right for you. Come with me. I know someone who can remove the life from your womb, the life that my Father in Heaven placed there." I doubt it.

Christians are in denial, and they are denying the word of God. Confront the spirit within you. Do not vote pro-abortion.

Lisa Haythorn