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Spotsylvania endodontist plans low-profile medical center and nursery on Wilderness-area farmland

 An artist's rendering shows a planned medical center and nursery in the Wilderness area.
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Date published: 1/17/2009


E.D. Lewis analyzed elevations, viewing angles and the prospect from the Wilderness Tavern site to minimize the development's visual intrusion on the rural landscape, Scottow said. Wilderness Tavern was where surgeons amputated the arm of Confederate Lt. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson after he was wounded by his own troops after the Battle of Chancellorsville in 1863.

Nearly two dozen area residents had their first look at the proposal Thursday night during a community meeting that Pagan and Bennett's Creek Nursery hosted at Wilderness Community Church. They sought to get residents' feedback before filing a rezoning request with the county.

Residents questioned Scottow and county planners, expressing concerns about traffic, the historic landscape, potential sprawl and the nursery's water usage in an area that relies on wells and recently suffered a drought.

County planners noted that by-right development of the farmland, which would not require rezoning, would yield about 10 single-family houses. The medical offices and nursery would create less traffic and water demand than a small subdivision, Scottow said. The nursery, which would tap a new pond, would recycle its runoff and use miserly drip irrigation, he said.

Chancellor District Supervisor Hap Connors, while not taking a position for or against the proposal, praised Pagan's efforts to preserve the rural landscape.

"I really think Dr. Pagan has gone well out of his way to create a very interesting and unique project," Connors said yesterday. "I want to commend him for that, because not many people would go to that extra effort. He certainly is listening, and is very aware of the sensitivities involved and the issues that were raised last night."

Pagan's daughter Lauren is married to Matt Sawyer, the son of Bennett's Creek President Wayne K. Sawyer, so the nursery distribution center serving the region's landscapers and retail garden centers would be a local family business, the elder Sawyer said.

Without increasing the need for schools or public utilities, the nursery would generate about $86,000 in yearly tax revenue, Scottow estimated.

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