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Recant case ruling delayed page 2
Judge will decide soon regarding prosecutor's motion to release information about juvenile rape case.

Date published: 2/20/2009


Olsen told the judge that without the authority to discuss the case, he would be unable to talk about the boy's confession to police in which he reportedly said the he knew the girl was handicapped and "knew what he was doing was wrong.

"This defendant was caught red-handed raping a handicapped child and he knew it was wrong," Olsen said. "That's why he pleaded guilty."

Block said he understands that Olsen isn't pleased with the bad publicity, but he said that was no reason to violate the boy's rights.

He pointed out that the girl and her mother are both now saying the sex was consensual.

The boy was 15 and the girl was 14 in June 2007 when her mother came home and found him there and her daughter getting dressed.

The mother initially believed her daughter had been sexually assaulted and called police.

But more than two months after the boy was sentenced, her daughter said she had lied about the incident because she feared getting into trouble.

The mother then reported the girl's new story to the boy's attorney. Efforts to get the boy out of jail have been unsuccessful so far.

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