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Teen released early by state page 2
Stafford County teen whose victim recanted her rape allegations gets early release from custody

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Date published: 3/4/2009


On Aug. 22, 2007, the boy pleaded guilty in Stafford juvenile court to charges of rape and breaking and entering in exchange for the prosecution's agreement to drop an abduction charge and a plan to pursue the case in adult court.

The Stafford County prosecutor's office had notified the family two weeks after the alleged incident of its plan to seek to try the teen as an adult.

Edgar Dulaney, the boy's father told The Free Lance-Star he authorized the guilty plea despite complete confidence in his son's innocence in order to avoid the possibility the teen could end up in an adult prison.

Dulaney said he feared for his son's safety if he were sent to an adult facility and that his son's court-appointed attorney recommended they accept the plea bargain.

The boy's parents could not be reached for comment after his release.

Sousa said she returned to her Aquia Harbour home on June 4, 2007, to find the 15-year-old boy inside the home and her 14-year-old daughter getting dressed.

She immediately contacted the Stafford Sheriff's Office, believing her child had been sexually assaulted.

But on Thanksgiving weekend--more than two months after the boy had been sentenced to a juvenile facility--the girl told her mother she lied about the incident because she feared getting into trouble.

Sousa then contacted an attorney to begin working to rectify the situation.

Attempts by court-appointed attorney Denise Rafferty to get the issue addressed in court failed as did attempts by a second attorney, Fredericksburg lawyer Joseph Brown.

"There's still a lot to be done," Sousa said.

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