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Crabill has GOP nod for election page 2
Republicans nominate social conservative from Lancaster to vie for Virginia House seat

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Date published: 5/17/2009


"'If any militia group is truly responsible for the murderous bombing in Oklahoma City, then I say, 'Hangin's too good for 'em,'" said Catherine Crabill of Aragon, N.M., who belongs to a group called New Mexico Citizens Action Association.

"But Mrs. Crabill said it's her belief 'this heinous act of violence was the work of our government,' which will 'use it as an excuse to aggressively attack the growing militia movement across the country.'"

Crabill denied making the 1995 statement, but, in a recent posting on her Web site, catherinecrabill.com, she said: "I did and do believe that our government was culpable in the [Oklahoma City] bombing. I am not ashamed of standing with my friends and neighbors in New Mexico from the domestic terrorists known as our own government."

Convention delegates faced the choice yesterday of nominating Crabill or no one.

Irvington Town Councilman William H. Evans III supported Crabill.

"To nominate no candidate here today is tantamount to electing Al Pollard in November. Support this woman. She's a good candidate, a strong candidate, and she believes what we all believe," said Evans.

Pollard was elected to the House of Delegates in 2008 to fill the unexpired term of Robert J. Wittman, R-Montross. In 2007, Pollard lost a race for the Virginia Senate to Richard H. Stuart, R-Montross, by 600 votes. Pollard previously served three terms as delegate.

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The nominee posted the following autobiography Sept. 16, 2008, at worldview times.com:

I am 51 years old and I have been married for 23 years. My husband, Chris, and I have four children. Our daughter, Jessica is 20, and our three sons are Cody 18, Sam 16, and Zach 14.

I homeschooled our children for many years as my husband worked very hard to make it possible for me to be a stay-at-home mother. I have been a Realtor on the Northern Neck of Virginia for the last seven years helping my husband afford some private school and college opportunities for our children.

I am not college educated, but consider myself fairly well read. I love and fear God and write or speak as I feel impressed by Him to do so. It is only the conviction that He has instilled in me that has given me the courage necessary to address many of the issues that confront us today. Needless to say, it has not made me popular!

When I am fearful about the repercussions of my speaking out I am continually brought back to confidence I have in the Lord to provide for me and protect my family. I understand why many remain silent, but I try to be constantly conscious of the day I stand before the Lord and imagine how I would explain myself for knowing to do the right thing and failing to do it!