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Venerable Dick house long a city landmark page 3
City's historic Charles Dick House on the market

 A barrel ceiling follows the contour of a half-round window in the master suite.
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Date published: 5/29/2009


Lewis died in 1781, and Dick, who had been suffering from asthma since at least 1779, died in 1783 at age 68. The working conditions at the gunnery were probably partly to blame. He also was deeply in debt, another cost of the gunnery.

Subsequent owners of Dick's house made several changes. In 1802, a stone kitchen was added to the home's south end. It was the first time the house had an attached kitchen, and Aquia sandstone was used because of its fire-retardant qualities and its ready availability. Shortly thereafter, by 1808, the roof was raised to create a second story.

A century later, John W. Masters bought the house and added the two-story columned portico, officially changing the orientation of the house to face Princess Anne Street. Later, a two-story addition, with upper and lower sunrooms, was built on the back.

More recently, in 1985, a modern wing, with family room downstairs and master suite upstairs, was added by owners John and Mona Albertine.

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