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Civil maneuvers at Ferry Farm
Introduction to 6/14/09 Viewpoints, Ferry Farm vs. Wal-Mart in 1996. By Karen Owen, Viewpoints editor

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Date published: 6/14/2009

By Karen Owen

IN LIGHT of the ongoing conflict between those who wish to preserve the integrity of the Wilderness Civil War battlefield and Orange Countians who favor a Wal-Mart near the intersection of State Routes 3 and 20, Viewpoints revisits a similar confrontation in our area.

In 1996, Wal-Mart aimed to build a store in southern Stafford County, within view of the site of George Washington's boyhood home. Through the efforts of local preservationists, the land was eventually bought for $2 million by the George Washington Foundation (then called the Kenmore Association). In 2000, the National Park Service bought a permanent conservation easement nearby, preventing further encroachment on the Washington home place.

In Stafford, Wal-Mart eventually built its store on State Route 3, about a mile east of the originally planned location. The store opened in 1998.

Today, some participants in the Ferry Farm drama write about events then and now. --Karen Owen, Viewpoints editor