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Albemarle aid may give Hatton Ferry a reprieve page 2
Albemarle hopes to keep Hatton Ferry running by guaranteeing funds through summer

Date published: 6/18/2009

By Rob Hedelt


That worries some ferry supporters because the service, which dates to 1870, is slated to shut down June 28, and they'd hate to see any lapse prevent it from starting up again.

"We're basically asking officials with VDOT for a few days of grace, so the board can meet and take action," Catlin said. "We hope to hear back on that very soon."

In earlier deliberations on the shuttering of the contractor-run ferry, VDOT quoted a cost-saving of $21,000.

Under the county's proposed arrangement, the ferry would continue to be a VDOT operation, with funding provided by the county and community contributions.

As a visitor impressed by the operation, history and appeal of the ferry, which takes people and their cars on the James in one of its most beautiful spots, I hope a plan is soon in place to keep the ferry running.

Something tells me that the hundreds of folks who travel to it each month--most going simply for the ride--would agree wholeheartedly.

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