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Dark Star Orchestra raises the tribute-band bar by re-creating Grateful Dead concerts in full

 Dark Star Orchestra's members are experts in several different eras of the Grateful Dead.
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Date published: 7/2/2009


He noticed that they were looking for a new drummer, and he gave the band a call. After one show, he was the new Bill Kreutzmann. English has filled that role for the past 10 years.

DSO goes the extra mile to meet the authenticity requirements of rabid Dead fans. They try to stay true to the Grateful Dead's equipment in an attempt to coax the proper tones from guitars, basses and keyboards. Their vocals bear an uncanny resemblance to the originals, and they've even managed to adopt some of the onstage mannerisms die-hard fans will be familiar with.

DSO has another claim to fame in the tribute world--they often recreate the exact set lists of actual Grateful Dead shows from the past. The show is not remade note-for-note, but the songs and song order is the same. These days, DSO will often make its own set list, essentially drawing on the Grateful Dead's entire catalog.

"We pretty much know what's going on by now," English said. "We know the general arrangements of songs from different time periods. It's kind of second nature at this point."

When they are true to a particular show, time and place are details that make the difference. A late-'70s concert will replicate the jazzy piano styling of Keith Godchaux and include the backup vocals of a Donna Jean Godchaux stand-in. An early-'80s set will feature the same high harmonies and organ fills that Brent Mydland brought to the Grateful Dead at that time.

If they do play a particular show from the past, the date and location are announced at the end of the evening. If it is an original set list, they will still play individual songs in a particular style.

"We can draw from all these periods we've studied," English said. "We can play some '60s stuff, then throw in some late-'80s stuff."

No matter the era, fans will get a Grateful Dead fix that can be matched only by the original.

"It's my favorite music in the world," English said. "As a drummer, I'd generally be playing another person's music anyway--I just prefer to play the best music I can--Grateful Dead music. These songs are about as good as they come."

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What: Dark Star Orchestra pays tribute to the Grateful Dead with a faithfully rendered performance. Where: Celebrate Virginia Live, Gordon W. Shelton Boulevard, near the new Wegmans When: Tuesday, July 7, 6 p.m. Cost: $15; all tickets for the previously rained-out June 5 show will be honored at the gate. Info: 540/850-5483 Web: darkstarorchestra.netcelebratevirginialive.com