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COLLEGE FOOTBALL After biding time, Hall gets QB wish
ACC football media day: Playing quarterback for U.Va. is where Hall's heart has been

 Vic Hall (right) made plays happen on U.Va.'s defensive side; now, he wants to do it for the Cavaliers' offense.
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Date published: 7/27/2009



--While growing up in rural Gretna, Vic Hall often listened to his grandmother's advice.

Frances Hall always told him to stand behind his leader and be humble.

That came into play when Hall became a football player for the University of Virginia in 2005.

He was a star quarterback who broke several Virginia High School League records at Gretna High, but played cornerback for the Cavaliers for three seasons without showing any discontent toward head coach Al Groh.

"I was always taught, 'That's my coach and I'm going to stand behind his decisions,'" Hall said. "I never questioned it. I never asked him about it."

Now that he's a senior, Hall is getting his shot at quarterback. He's working full-time at the position because the Cavaliers finally have the cornerback depth to make Hall's switch plausible.

Hall admits quarterback is where his heart has been all along, but he didn't want to cause distractions for the Cavaliers (5-7 in 2008), so he remained quiet.

"To be honest, I dreamed about playing quarterback a lot, but that was just something I kept to myself," Hall said. "I never thought I'd be playing it in my last year, but it feels good to have the ball and be able to help my team."

In his senior season, Hall has become the face of the Cavaliers.

He's plastered on billboards in Charlottesville and on the cover of the Cavaliers' media guide.

He and right tackle Will Barker represented U.Va. at yesterday's Atlantic Coast Conference media day.

With all the attention he's receiving, that's where the second piece of advice from Frances Hall comes in.

"Growing up, my grandmother always told me to be humble in whatever I do because any day it can be taken away from me," Hall said. "Even through high school, none of that [attention] ever appealed to me because I feel like it's what you do on the field."

That's where the question remains for Hall.

What type of quarterback will he be for the Cavaliers?

He's in a three-way fight for the starting job with 2007 starter Jameel Sewell and 2008 starter Marc Verica.

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