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Boats collide on lake at night page 2
Investigation continues into two-boat crash on Lake Anna Saturday night that caused serious injuries

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Date published: 8/5/2009


Robertson said he at first did not realize the Sea Ray was the same boat involved in the wreck, and he yelled at the driver to slow down. He said he heard a voice come from the boat to call 911.

Robertson arrived at the scene, where he was met by two men with BoatUS.

Fiberglass was strewn on the water with other debris floating in the waves. Robertson said the sight made him sick for hours afterward.

"The only way I could describe it was like looking at a war movie and seeing a bomb go off, and instead of scrap metal was the fiberglass," Robertson said.

He followed the towboat with a floodlight to Lake Anna Marina, which was was illuminated by emergency lights from the numerous ambulances and emergency response teams.

The female victim was transported to the hospital by a helicopter that landed in a yard near the marina.

The emergency response from BoatUS and volunteer rescue squads from Spotsylvania County and Louisa was swift, marina workers said.

Officers with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries stayed well into Sunday morning investigating the wreck.

"I think the emergency response team and BoatUS should get a pat on the back," Robertson said. "They did an outstanding job."

Anderson did not release the names of those involved in the crash. He said he's unsure if any of the injuries are life-threatening and he did not have an update on the condition of any of the victims.

"There are some violations that have been discovered as a result of the investigation," Anderson said, "but I am going to consult with the Spotsylvania County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office and whatever their recommendation is, I will pursue it."

Joe Boggs, the owner of Lake Anna Marina for 37 years, said the crash "was probably the worst one we've had on the lake. If it wasn't the worst, it was No. 2."

--Staff Librarian Craig Schulin contributed to this story.

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In June 2006, a Spotsylvania girl was seriously injured while water tubing on Memorial Day. The 12-year-old girl suffered a traumatic brain injury after she was swung into a dock on Wendy Hill Court.

In June 2005, a 22-year-old Arlington man was killed on Memorial Day weekend when his Jet Ski collided with a fishing boat.

--The Free Lance-Star archives


In Virginia during 2007, the most-recent year for which statistics are available, there were 145 boating wrecks, six of which involved alcohol. One person died.