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PRO FOOTBALL Rogers knows starting job is fleeting
Redskins training camp report: Rogers

 Carlos Rogers implored the Redskins to make him a starter again. The team complied, but wants pickoffs in return.
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Date published: 8/19/2009



--Carlos Rogers walked onto the practice field here shortly before 8:30 a.m. yesterday underneath a menacing sun. He pulled his burgundy Washington Redskins helmet onto his head, snapped his chin strap into place and resumed his quest.

It's a journey that Rogers hopes, nay, expects will end with a multi-million dollar contract. And therein lies the irony.

You see, Rogers is one of the Redskins' two undisputed starting cornerbacks, yet his job security is, in fact, in doubt. And for several weeks during the winter, the scene that unfolded yesterday morning was far from a sure thing.

Rogers threatened to request a trade in the offseason after he lost his starting job to Shawn Springs last December. Frustrated and confused by his demotion, he closely monitored the status of Springs and free agent DeAngelo Hall as the free agency period loomed.

Before the Redskins made any decisions, Rogers made it clear he would not accept the status quo.

"After the season, during [exit] interviews, I was like, 'If that's the case, I want to be traded,'" Rogers said. "I really didn't have nothing to talk to them about."

The Redskins released Springs and signed Hall to a 6-year, $54 million contract on the first day of free agency, so Rogers knew his role. The starting job was his.

But he's entering the last year of the rookie contract he signed as the ninth-overall pick in 2005, so considerable uncertainty remains.

"I think it's motivating," Rogers said. "My job is to get the job done and try not to think about it. I know it's going to be kind of in my head, but the most important thing is to try to win. I think if we win, it will help a lot of guys out as far as getting contracts signed."

Rogers' 2007 season ended in Week 8 after a gruesome hit resulted in a torn ACL and MCL in his right knee. He rehabilitated the injury in time to begin last season as the starter opposite Springs.

He began the year playing the best football of his career. As the Redskins soared to a 4-1 start, Rogers seemed ready to shake his well-earned notoriety for dropping interceptions.

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