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A win, but not much to cheer
Redskins 9, Rams 7

 Washington cornerback Justin Tryon (20) couldn't keep Rams wide receiver Keenan Burton from making this third-quarter catch.
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Date published: 9/21/2009




--The "victory" formation is usually the sweetest sight for fans whose team is positioned to melt the final seconds off the clock and celebrate a win. The quarterback takes the snap, kneels down and jubilant fans spill out of the stadium and into the work week basking in their team's triumph.

The oddest thing, though, happened at FedEx Field late yesterday afternoon.

A significant portion of the 87,780 fans on hand booed their Washington Redskins as Jason Campbell knelt to clinch a 9-7 win over the St. Louis Rams. The Redskins' missed scoring opportunities, penalties and general lackluster play prevented anyone--the fans or the team--from truly savoring their first win of the season.

"[The locker room] is quiet because we won in such an ugly fashion," cornerback DeAngelo Hall said. "You don't even really take pride in the win."

Whether they deserved to or not, Washington improved to 1-1 by beating a St. Louis team that has now lost 12 straight games dating from last season.

Three Shaun Suisham field goals from inside 30 yards and a defensive stand in the final two minutes were enough to overcome a bevy of mistakes that made the game closer than the statistics otherwise indicated.

It was reminiscent of last week's error-filled loss against New York. The Redskins turned the ball over once, committed crucial penalties and squandered scoring opportunities by dropping passes.

Most detrimental was Washington's inability to score a touchdown despite five possessions inside St. Louis' 20-yard line.

Advancing the ball wasn't the problem. Advancing it into the end zone was. Washington had drives of 13 plays for 83 yards, 13 plays for 64 yards and 14 plays for 74 yards, and settled for a field goal each time.

"It is the scoring that is frustrating," coach Jim Zorn said. "Fortunately we have a kicker that is making plays, because we need every point we can get right now."

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