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Henson apologizes for angry tweet page 2
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Date published: 9/22/2009


"I understand the weight that my words carried and how I offended some fans," Henson said. "For that, again, I apologize--not because I'm scared [of being released] but because it was the right thing to do."

Henson said that some veterans on the team counseled him about using social networking sites responsibly. He also met with coach Jim Zorn about the matter.

"Robert is a young player learning to handle his emotions during and after the game," Zorn said in a statement released by the team. "When he gets a chance to play, I want him to have this level of emotion on the field, not off the field. We had a good conversation about supporting the Redskins and the Redskins fans, and he's learned from this experience."


Zorn faced five separate questions about his play calling during his media session yesterday. The first pressed him about the option-pass running back Clinton Portis threw on third and goal from the 5-yard line in the third quarter.

Zorn stood by the play call, saying the offensive line didn't block properly and sell the run.

"It was a play that we had in our game plan," he said. "It wasn't a grab bag. Because we had been running edge runs with Clinton on the goal line, I thought, 'Here it is,' and Clinton has thrown touchdown passes before."

Though Santana Moss was the only wide receiver lined up wide on the play, and he was on the left side of the field on a play run to the right, Zorn faulted the offensive line.

"When we came off the line of scrimmage, [the linemen] came off backing up, and when teams saw that, they just played it right down the line. The safety felt it was going to be a pass," he said.


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