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Can artificial sweetener make you feel hungry?

 Artificial sweeteners such as Equal and Splenda are popular alternatives to sugar for diabetics and dieters.
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Date published: 12/6/2009



We highly recommend the Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter, which addresses everything from diets to disease prevention. It recently focused on aspartame. Take our quiz to learn more about the sweetener.

1. The American Dietetic Association recently performed an "evidence analysis" and determined that aspartame does not "make you more hungry," lead to weight gain or result in "ill effects to health." Where did the ADA get much of its funding for the research?

A. The Center for Science in the Public Interest

B. C&H Sugar Co.

C. Ajinomoto Sweeteners, a leading aspartame manufacturer

2. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, results in 2007 from a long-term animal study by an Italian cancer institute showed that rats given the sweetener had increases in which conditions?

A. Leukemia

B. Breast cancer

C. Both

3. As a table sweetener, aspartame is found in which two brands?

A. NutraSweet and Equal

B. Sweet'N Low and Sweet Twin

C. Splenda and Truvia

4. True or false: Aspartame is 180 to 220 times sweeter than sugar.

5. In what year did the Food and Drug Administration approve aspartame for use?

A. 1968

B. 1976

C. 1981

6. The American Dental Association supports research showing the following about aspartame:

A. It does not contribute to tooth decay.

B. It does not promote the buildup of plaque.

C. Both

--Source: tuftshealthletter.com

1: c; 2: c; 3: a; 4: True; 5: c; 6: c