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Officials share hopes for 2010
Officials' hopes for 2010

Date published: 1/12/2010

By Pamela Gould

We asked area officials what they're wishing for in 2010. Here are the replies of those who answered:

Spotsylvania County

"First, the economy begins to pick up sufficiently to put people back to work and their desperation is replaced with hope.

"Second, county staff and the Board are granted wisdom during the budget process. We need to continue to find creative ways to fund needed services while not placing a burden on our citizens.

"Third, explore ways to assist the smaller agencies that fill the gap for our social services group and provide services to the less fortunate.

"Fourth, continue to foster good morale for our work force during difficult times.

"Lastly, the community comes together in a unified manner as we deliberate the coming budget."

--Doug Barnes, county administrator

"In this job, you don't always get to choose your priorities, so I just hope and pray for the courage, wisdom and strength to manage the changes and opportunities in 2010 so that I can do my part to make a better world for all people--and I'll start with our county and region."

--Supervisor Hap Connors

"I wish and hope that the economy continues to improve. I hope that those who have lost their jobs find new employment opportunities in the immediate future.

"I hope that Spotsylvania County continues to focus our actions on the environment and how our actions will affect that environment in the future. We must continue to improve our recycling efforts and our energy-efficiency attempts [green government].

"I hope that as we enter one of the toughest, if not the toughest, budget years in recent memory, we continue to focus our funding priorities on such issues as education, public safety and transportation. These issues have been identified as top priorities by our citizens in survey after survey. I hope that while placing a priority on transportation that Spotsylvania County will expedite the process of developing a VRE station within the county.

"I hope and know that Spotsylvania County will continue to find ways to save taxpayers money while providing the very best service available.

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