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Officials share hopes for 2010 page 2
Officials' hopes for 2010

Date published: 1/12/2010

By Pamela Gould


"I hope that Spotsylvania County and the region will focus our actions in a positive way as to what effect our actions will have on a regional basis. Our decisions should be focused on meeting the needs of our community years into the future [10 to 20 years] versus the immediate needs when it comes to addressing our growth and transportation plans.

"My biggest wish is that I never fail to remember what an honor and privilege it is to serve the citizens of Spotsylvania County, regardless of their age, sex, race or political agenda. That I will continue to wake each morning, looking forward to the opportunity to help those that seek my assistance. At the end of the day, ask myself did I have the opportunity to help someone, and if I did, did I do it to the best of my ability? I wish that the answer will always be 'yes.'"

--Supervisor Benjamin Pitts

"My New Year's wish for the school division is that we can find ways to reduce the budget while continuing to maintain high quality programs for students. Additionally, I wish that even though we may not be able to provide deserved salary raises for employees that we avoid salary reductions or increases in employee health insurance."

--School Superintendent Jerry Hill

"Smaller class sizes would boost morale and allow teachers to perform under less stress. With a lot of our classes at 27 and 28 students, it is simply too large for one teacher.

I would also like to see [cost of living allowances] for our employees. As we are all aware, the down economy hasn't stopped the cost of living from rising. I would love to see activity buses reinstated, at least in our rural communities."

--Amanda Blalock, Lee Hill District School Board representative

"I wish that we are able to continue excellent opportunities for students to achieve academic success. We are able to meet the needs of our employees. We are able to continue the growth of our professional staff."

--Donald Holmes, Salem District School Board representative

"Activity buses for Spotsylvania High School, enough money to give our teachers a [cost of living allowance] and a safe driving year for all our teenage drivers.

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