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Officials share hopes for 2010 page 3
Officials' hopes for 2010

Date published: 1/12/2010

By Pamela Gould


"As a bonus, I wish for a state championship in football from any of our five schools."

--Ray Lora, Livingston District School Board representative

"My wish is that every child receives a quality education that allows [him or her] to achieve [his or her] potential and that all individuals at governmental levels view education as an investment and not as an expense!"

--Gil Seaux, Berkeley District School Board representative

"First and foremost, I would like to keep our class sizes down as low as possible. This would not only benefit the students but also would help lighten the load for our teachers.

"Second, find the money to at least equalize any increases in health insurance and [Virginia Retirement System] costs to our employees.

"Third, continue to look for any ways that we can lighten the load on our teachers, who we appreciate so very much. Unless you've been in the classroom, you don't have a true feeling of what they deal with on a daily basis mother, father, counselor, friend, mentor, nurse, etc., etc., on top of all of the hours of planning that goes into their daily instruction."

--Linda Wieland, Battlefield District School Board representative


"That the region becomes more focused around regional efforts and getting a lot of the projects that we will all benefit from accomplished. That's going to be one of the most important things in 2010."

--City Councilman Hashmel Turner

"I would like to see us focusing on economic development by concentrating not only on the downtown region but filling the empty spaces within Central Park as well. Eagle Village presents a terrific opportunity for us to recruit new businesses into a mixed-use setting. To help enable this recruitment, I would like to see a Technology Zone implemented along the Route 1 corridor and marketed to tech-related companies to bring their business to the city. Hopefully, economic conditions improve to enable adequate financing for Kalahari, as that will surely be a revenue generator and significant attraction for the city. I trust that we will continue to work toward making Fredericksburg a "city of events" by having more festivals downtown that encourage folks to congregate, eat, shop and, in general, have fun in Fredericksburg."

--City Councilman Brad Ellis

Compiled by Dan Telvock, Pamela Gould and Emily Battle

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