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Fredericksburg grand jury indictments

Date published: 3/3/2010

The following people were indicted recently by a Fredericksburg grand jury:

Garrett Lee Adams, Stafford, two counts of shoplifting.

Aaron Lamont Alexander, Stanardsville, conspiracy to violate the Drug Act and attempted prescription fraud.

Tomas Alvarez, Stafford, failure to appear in court.

Donald Eugene Anderson II, Fredericksburg, shoplifting.

Jamie Marie Barnard, aka Jamie Bennett, Spotsylvania, hit and run.

Stephon Craig Booker, Fredericksburg, robbery, malicious wounding and using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

George William Breuninger, Spotsylvania, possession of illegal drugs.

William Aaron Burkins, Bowling Green, two counts of prescription fraud.

Carrie Ann Campbell, aka Carrie Ann Norton, petty larceny.

Marcellus Darnell Coleman, Fredericksburg, three counts of indecent exposure.

Michael Anthony Conway, Fredericksburg, four counts of forgery, two counts of passing a forged document and false pretenses.

Jeffrey Scott Costello Jr., Fredericksburg, shoplifting.

Thelma Elizabeth Crawley, Oldhams, shoplifting.

Bernard Christopher Daly, domestic assault and battery.

Robert Thomas Diamond, Stafford, forgery and three counts of obtaining money by false pretenses.

Fidel Garcia Morales, possession of illegal drugs.

Shannon Anne Gallant, Spotsylvania, shoplifting.

Patricia Jo Garris, Stafford, obtaining utility service by fraud.

Rachael Lynn Gehle, Fredericksburg, distributing oxycodone and two counts of child neglect.

John Douglas Hayes Jr., Fredericksburg, shoplifting.

James Joel Jackson, King George, distributing illegal drugs.

Angela Estell Jackson, two counts of shoplifting and conspiracy.

Danielle Nicole Jackson, King George, forgery, passing a forged document, attempt to obtain money by false pretenses, attempted identity theft and four counts of conspiracy.

Whitney Elizabeth Jackson, Fredericksburg, forgery, passing a forged document, attempted false pretenses and attempted identity theft.

Victor Lamont Johnson, South Riding, grand larceny and possession of stolen property with the intent to distribute.

Robert Forrest Kerrigan, Fredericksburg, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and child neglect.

Peter J. Kiley, Locust Grove, shoplifting.

Jarvie Nicole Nibblins, Stafford, destruction of property.

Carla Jean Parker, Stafford, three counts of obtaining money by false pretenses, three counts of receiving stolen property and shoplifting.

Errol Robert Phillips, Spotsylvania, possession of hydromorphone and three counts of prescription fraud.

Jason Barnett Rankin, Fredericksburg, driving while intoxicated and operating a vehicle without interlock.

Charles Sylvester Russell IV, Fredericksburg, two counts of possession of illegal drugs.

Roland Lee Samuel Jr., Port Royal, distributing crack cocaine.

Bernard Raymond Settle, Lignum, receiving stolen property.

Arnette E. Sinkler, Fredericksburg, grand larceny.

James Roy Smith III, Stafford, assault and battery, damaging a telephone line and violating a protective order.

Angela Shanell Tate, Fredericksburg, malicious wounding.

Robert John Trautman, Bumpass, conspiracy to shoplift.

Christopher Kirk Trigger, Colonial Beach, forgery, passing a forged check, attempting to obtain money by false pretenses, attempted identity theft and two counts of conspiracy.

Brandy Jo Webster, Stafford, credit card theft, identity fraud, five counts of credit card forgery and five counts of credit card fraud.

Tammy Malinda Williams, Fredericksburg, two counts of possession of illegal drugs with the intent to distribute.