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Students learn Constitution page 2
Through a competition sponsored by Montpelier, students learn about Constitution and more

Date published: 3/18/2010

By Rob Hedelt


"It's interesting to watch them write their answers," she said, "sometimes presenting different ideas and having to figure out what they'll include in the final version."

Kushi Ranganath, whose group tackled questions about separation of powers and judicial review, agreed that working in teams was interesting.

"Sometimes, we'd argue over the answers we were preparing, with compromises made," she said.

Matthew Richardson, whose group looked at the validity of citizenship tests, said their process went smoothly, "with all of us just putting some ideas in."

Cailey McMillen, in a group that examined Virginia and New Jersey plans for the fledgling U.S. government, enjoyed the process and working with their sponsor.

Derr said some on the team have asked her if they could remain a part of it as they move up to the eighth grade, which is the year when some other schools cover the topics and use "We the People."

"I'm going to see if that's possible," she said. "It would be nice to have a mix of students, some new to it all and others who have some experience."

Though other local schools have competed in past years, Thompson was the only one in the area taking part this year.

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