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Hample is paid by the taxpayers: Let her teach
Hample is paid by the taxpayers: Let her teach

Date published: 3/25/2010

The University of Mary Washington board of visitors continues to negatively impact UMW's national reputation because of adolescent decisions made by sloppy and timid members.

According to the board, Dr. Judy Hample resigned her position effective June 30.

This is, I presume, the same carefully screened Judy Hample the board hired as president and offered a tenured faculty position, based upon her demonstrated professorial excellence. Otherwise, why would the board have offered her a tenured faculty position?

Dr. Hample has said she resigned for "personal" reasons and that she will not make herself available to the public to answer any questions. It's no one's business whether her reason is true.

Missing here is a demonstrated understanding by Dr. Hample that she is paid by the taxpayers of Virginia to manage a taxpayer-owned public university.

Why would she say some people do not like her, that she is only one person and cannot accommodate all the demands on her time, and that she accomplished a great deal?

Dr. Hample and the board want it both ways--to deny information, yet be heard. Neither wants to be accountable for the truth.

The board is going to pay Dr. Hample $217,000 for not teaching, despite her being of sufficient professorial caliber to warrant a tenured faculty position at UMW.

Why not allow her to teach and earn the $217,000? Is that not obvious?

The board could decide to pay her for the remaining three years on her contract--for doing nothing. Tax dollars are wasted, but that doesn't matter, does it?

What is the truth behind Dr. Hample's resignation and the board's refusal to explain it honestly? Sadly, it's one more reputation-damaging chapter, courtesy of the board of visitors.

Cynthia B. Fiske