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'Skins' roster remodeling reaches deep page 3
Redskins have overhauled roster in a short time

 Rocky McIntosh (left) and Carlos Rogers will be at minicamp, even though they haven't signed their tender offers.
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Date published: 5/7/2010


Even if the additions don't result in a drastically revamped starting lineup, though, the new faces provide an air of change. They arrive believing that they can earn the approval of the new regime, and that should result in the increased level of competition that so many around Redskins Park have mentioned this offseason.

"Whether you're creating competition, that's the way this game is played anyways," veteran receiver Santana Moss said. "You're not going to sit back and say, 'Hey I got it all made.' Bring the guys in. Have a battle. That's the way you win games anyways. You have the best guys out there on the field. Whatever [Shanahan] is doing, I think he's doing a good job."

The new guys seem to appreciate the freshness, as well. Whether the changes produce substantial improvements is unknown for now, so optimism currently stands in place of results.

"All of us feel like we're just starting class and learning a new system, but it's fun," McNabb said after the team's first minicamp last month. "It's fun to think that we've shown signs of a lot of positive plays, both running and passing. It makes it more exciting each time we step out on the field."

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