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Bigfoot researchers stake out 96 acres in Lake Anna property to search for the elusive ape-like beast

 A Sasquatch Watch of Virginia group found strange markings on the ground in Spotsylvania last weekend.
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Date published: 5/25/2010


Hunting for the elusive Sasquatch is difficult enough, but rain makes it even harder.

Billy Willard, 41, the director of the Manassas-based Sasquatch Watch of Virginia, said the din of rain makes it impossible to hear anything else.

And the rain keeps animals--even Bigfoots--under shelter.

On Saturday, Willard and four other Sasquatch researchers were on 96 acres in the Lake Anna area, connected to 3,000 acres of mostly forests. Willard said there have been a lot of sightings in this region, especially in Culpeper County.

Ever since Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin released the famous film of a Sasquatch in Bluff Creek, Calif., on Oct. 20, 1962, people have argued its validity and that of thousands of other sightings across the country.

In Spotsylvania County, a man, a woman and a teenager reported spotting what appeared to be a Sasquatch in May 2009. They were about 300 yards away before it ran--fast.

"When I say running, well, all I can explain is it looked like it was on ice skates," said the woman. She asked that her name and exact location not be revealed because too often ridicule follows those who say they've seen Bigfoot; she also wants to protect adjoining property owners.

"If he lives here, and I think he does, it is smarter than a dog and dogs are smart animals," said the man who also reported seeing the creature that day.

Don't even try telling them that it was a bear.

"I've been in the woods since I was 5 years old; I know what a bear looks like," the woman said.

Her suspicions rose again in January when she heard a crazy noise in the woods that sounded like recordings she has heard on Bigfoot Internet sites.

"To me, the sound of hearing this thing was scarier than seeing it," she said. "It started with a low rumble and ended in a high-pitch scream."

The woman said she found Willard's website and invited him to the property. He's come back a half-dozen times.

Last month, he directed a weeklong Bigfoot expedition at the Spotsylvania site with five separate research groups.

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Visit youtube.com/watch?v=Ol8ifMrFN9U to see the famous Bigfoot sighting filmed by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin in 1962.

Billy Willard said he has always had an interest in Bigfoot since he was a child and he saw "Legend of Boggy Creek." He's read almost every book on the subject. Interest in the subject runs in his family; one of his two sons started the Sasquatch Watch Of Virginia, which he has directed for the past five years.

Willard's site is sasquatch watch.weebly.com and his radio show is at 9 p.m. Mondays at blogtalkradio.com/sasquatch watchradio.