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Hurley's contract keeps him on the job
Incoming UMW President Rick Hurley to receive $330,000 annually but is not entitled to a sabbatical

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Date published: 6/12/2010



    Incoming University of Mary Washington President Rick Hurley will receive the same salary as his predecessor.

    But unlike other UMW presidents, his three-year contract does not include a provision for sabbatical pay.

    "I think my presence at the university, my physical presence, is more important than taking a sabbatical," he said.

    Hurley, who is currently acting president, becomes UMW's ninth president on July 1. He is replacing Judy Hample, who abruptly announced her resignation in February and is on three-month paid leave until June 30.

    Hurley, 63, will make $330,000 annually, which is the same pay Hample received during her two-year tenure. UMW's private, nonprofit foundation will fund about $188,000 of the salary, and the state will cover the rest.

    Hurley will become the University of Mary Washington's third president since William Anderson retired from the post in 2006.

    Hurley has experience in the post. He served as acting president for more than a year after William Frawley was fired in April 2007 after being charged with driving under the influence twice in two days.

    Hample became president in July 2008. Her contract entitled her to a year's sabbatical with full pay after seven years of employment. She ended up receiving a $217,000 settlement after her resignation.

    Anderson received $291,058 --his salary at the time of his departure--for a one-year sabbatical after his retirement.

    Hurley's contract does call for a $25,000 annual "retention award," with 5 percent interest, if he completes the terms of his contract. The UMW Foundation will fund the incentive, which he could collect at the end of three years.

    Hample's five-year contract had a similar clause.

    Hurley's contract requires him to have an annual physical and provide the results to a physician named by the board of visitors. The physician will determine whether Hurley can perform his presidential duties, based on the physical's results.

    If not, he must go on medical leave, the contract states.

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  • Rick Hurley's three-year presidential contract with the University of Mary Washington includes various provisions, such as:

    A pot of money, called a "retention award," that Hurley is eligible for at the end of three years if he completes the terms of his contract. The award amounts to $25,000 each year, plus 5 percent interest.

    Four weeks of paid vacation a year. Can carry over up to 10 days a year.

    An automobile allowance of $1,500 a month paid by the UMW Foundation.

    A requirement that Hurley get an annual physical. The UMW Foundation will pay up to $2,000 for the exam. Hurley must provide the results to a physician, who will determine whether he is fit to continue the job.

    Up to $2,000 from the university for a certified public accountant and a financial planner to help with Hurley's personal finances.

    Up to $6,000 from the UMW Foundation to cover the costs of having Hurley relocate to Brompton, the president's official residence. The foundation will also pay Hurley up to $6,000 for relocation costs when he moves out of Brompton.