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Let Walmart build

July 13, 2010 12:35 am

Let Walmart build

I'd like the outsiders and so-called preservationists with money who are controlling what goes on with the Walmart-Wilderness situation to stop trying to push their weight around.

They are complaining that putting a Walmart here will ruin the battlefield, cause unnecessary traffic, and whatever excuse they can come up with to stall this piece of development.

Some have even said they want a more upscale store. Not everyone can afford a so-called upscale store.

Let's face it: Most of these people doing the hollering do shop at Walmart.

After living here for six years and doing the commute, I find it very hard to drive to Spotsylvania or even Culpeper when the weather is cold and I need groceries and the price of gas has gone up.

State Route 3 can be a nightmare. When there is an accident, traffic is stalled for great lengths of time, and you can't get through to go to Spotsylvania or Culpeper. We are left with one local choice, another store that I'm not overly impressed with.

Walmart will by no means be on the battlefield. If you really want to get technical, Lake of the Woods and the strip malls are all built near battlefield ground, and people don't seem to mind.

This is 2010, not the 1800s! Time marches on, and so should we.

Barbara Gatto


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