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Trainer says tackle is in shape
Redskins' Haynesworth sheds weight

 Albert Haynesworth has lost 32 pounds in an offseason workout regimen.
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Date published: 7/14/2010



Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth skipped all but the first day of the Washington Redskins' offseason program, but that doesn't mean he's been idle for the past few months.

Tripp Smith, Haynesworth's personal trainer, said in a phone interview yesterday that Haynesworth has lost 32 pounds since they began their workout regimen on April 5. He said that Haynesworth is committed to getting in top physical shape--albeit away from Redskins Park--for the start of training camp on July 29.

"I think he's going to open some eyes when he gets to camp," Smith said.

Haynesworth rankled Redskins management, including new coach Mike Shanahan, this spring when he decided not to participate in the team's voluntary offseason program, which included strength training and conditioning, as well as on-field practices and classroom sessions about the team's new 3-4 defensive alignment.

His absence from last month's mandatory two-day minicamp drew the ire of Shanahan and several veteran teammates.

Part of Haynesworth's decision to train away from team headquarters was based on his displeasure with the notion of playing in a 3-4. Another part of it, however, was his familiarity with Smith, who has worked one-on-one with Haynesworth for three straight offseasons.

Smith wouldn't comment on Haynesworth's decision to skip the mandatory minicamp, but he believes that Haynesworth is determined to excel on the football field this season.

"Albert, he's the type of person that doesn't want to disappoint anybody, but he's very business-minded. I think it has motivated him quite a bit, just seeing what his teammates are saying about him and seeing what everybody in the press is saying about him."

Haynesworth declined to comment for this story, sticking to his ongoing decision not to give interviews. A Redskins team spokesman also declined to comment.

Smith detailed the training program that he has put Haynesworth through for the last 14 weeks and plans to continue through July 27.

Smith, the 28-year-old son of Competitive Edge Sports founder Chip Smith, has lived upstairs in Haynesworth's home in Tennessee since the start of April. For more than the last three months, they have trained together four days a week for several hours a day.

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