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It's all according to Shanahan's plan page 3
Redskins training camp

 Mike Shanahan signs autographs following the morning practice session yesterday. Shanahan has a big task ahead of him, turning the struggling Redskins around and restoring Washington to its football glory days.
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Date published: 8/1/2010


Allen was the Oakland Raiders' front-office chief when they went to the Super Bowl in 2003. As Tampa Bay's general manager, he helped the Buccaneers to two division titles.

Long before that, though, Allen grew up in an NFL environment because of his dad's access.

"When you have experience, you've learned from some good things that you've done and you've learned from your mistakes of the past," Allen said. "Experience just says you've had a bunch of opportunities to look back on and hopefully make the right projections."

As that applies to Allen, he is adept at managing the personalities that make an NFL franchise. Many people who know him or have worked with him say he seems to have a gift when it comes to dealing with people.

That was evident shortly into his Redskins tenure when he took steps to repair the organization's damaged relationship with some of its former players. He helped organize an outing at Redskins Park in June that ended up being a feel-good reconciliation of sorts.

"I think what he's doing is actually with the owner," Williams said. "He can easily sit down with the owner and make sure that the coach has everything he needs to put a good product on the field without the owner going straight to the coach or what have you. I think that's what Bruce does. I think Bruce probably brings people in that he can work with, that can work with other people."


Shanahan's experience, meanwhile, is evident on the field.

He honed his training-camp structure--an intense 21/2-hour morning practice in full pads, followed by an afternoon "jog-through" for 70 minutes--during his 14-year tenure as the Denver Broncos' head coach.

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