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It's all according to Shanahan's plan page 4
Redskins training camp

 Mike Shanahan signs autographs following the morning practice session yesterday. Shanahan has a big task ahead of him, turning the struggling Redskins around and restoring Washington to its football glory days.
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Date published: 8/1/2010


There is no music blasting during warm-ups--a trademark of Zorn's practices last season--or "Z-shades," portable shelters that shaded players from the sun.

With Shanahan, there are a lot of 11-on-11 drills. Offense versus defense, with both sides working on their plays.

"When you have 80 guys [the current training camp limit], if you are practicing a legitimate two times a day, and with my history with 90 players or above, you are going to lose a bunch of players," Shanahan said. "What we are trying to do now is keep our players in shape. I don't think we need a second practice to kill them every day. What we need is repetition, to be out there so we can stay on top of our game mentally."

That sounds good to players. Thing is, after going a combined 12-20 under Zorn, they embrace Shanahan's winning history.

When the 16th-winningest coach in NFL history says or does something, it's a lot easier to buy into.

"You can't second-guess his methods in the back of your mind," veteran defensive end Kedric Golston said. "Not to say that I second-guessed Coach Zorn. But even with the media, if Zorn said 'right' and it didn't work, it should have been 'left.'

"I think Coach Shanahan, the fact that he has won two Super Bowls and has that credibility, you can't question what he says. Even though it could be the same call as another coach and it doesn't work, in the back of our minds that was the best call for us because he has that credibility built up that he can lead us to the promised land."

And for a rebuilding organization, such strong faith is a start.

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