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An interview with a vampire page 3
Interview with a vampire

 In real life, Peter Facinelli does not sport the anemic pallor of his 'Twilight' series alter ego, kindly Dr. Carlisle Cullen.
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Date published: 8/6/2010


"I like that he [Cooper] is 180 degrees from Carlisle, but has the same occupation. It's interesting to play two doctors so different from each other," Facinelli said. "One is really mature, the patriarch who's solid as a rock. Coop is immature and runs around like he drank five cans of Red Bull. For me to go back and forth between the two characters is a blast."

Facinelli is also plenty busy behind the camera. He's written a Hallmark Channel movie called "Mulligan," which should air next year. It stars his wife, Jennie Garth, who played Kelly Taylor for 10 years on "Beverly Hills, 90210."

This week, he was in Rhode Island, filming a movie he wrote called "Loosies," about a New York pickpocket who suddenly learns he's about to become a father. The film's cast includes Joe Pantoliano ("The Sopranos," "Matrix"), Jaimie Alexander ("Kyle XY"), Michael Madsen ("Reservoir Dogs," "Donnie Brasco") and Vincent Gallo ("Buffalo '66").

"They're so good. I feel blessed to be working with them," said Facinelli, who will look for a distributor for the film once it's been edited.

He said it's been a treat to see actors bring to life something he wrote, and he hopes to pursue more filmmaking.

"When you write and produce--and at some point I'd like to direct--you're creating these worlds. You have a hand in it," he said. "It's like being the coach of a baseball team rather than the second baseman."

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1. Blood type? A-negative

2. Favorite "Twilight" film so far? "Eclipse." I just like the action of "Eclipse." It felt like "Twilight" introduced us to the vampires, and "New Moon" introduced us to the werewolves. In "Eclipse," both clans are teaming up. "Eclipse" kind of brought all the worlds together. Plus, Carlisle rolling up his sleeves and getting dirty was fun for me.

3. Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Edward

4. Favorite junk food? Pizza

5. Bad habit? Biting nails

6. Do you floss? Most of the time, or at least I'd like to

7. First concert? As Carlisle, Beethoven. As Peter, Jeff Buckley. I've never seen anything like it, where the whole crowd was just entranced.

8. Favorite getaway? Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Kona, Hawaii

9. World Series or Super Bowl? World Series (Yankees fan)

10. Cats or dogs? Cats

11. Right- or left-handed? Right-handed

12. Coke or Pepsi? Coke

13. Do you feel guilty that the films have essentially taught a generation of young women that the ideal man will be immortal, hopelessly good-looking, have the manners and intellect of a 19th-century British Romantic poet and be a Volvo owner? No, because it gives guys something to aspire to. If they can get a fraction of that, if they can just own the Volvo, they're headed on the right track.


Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the "Twilight" movies, will meet with fans tomorrow at Spotsylvania Towne Centre from noon to 5 p.m. as part of a fundraiser for the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, which supports pediatric cancer research. Fans can line up beginning at 9:30 a.m., near the Hollister store. The best mall entrance to use is the one near Dick's Sporting Goods.

IMPORTANT: For crowd control purposes, only people who have purchased an autograph or photo can get onstage with Facinelli. That means if a mom and two kids show up and purchase an autograph, only one person will get onstage. Mall officials are urging parents to arrange child care for little ones ahead of time.

Facinelli's autograph costs $25. Feel free to bring items from home for him to sign.

Pictures with the actor, taken by a professional photographer and printed at Picture People, will cost $40 plus an additional $10 for each extra person in the photo. For another $25, you can have that photograph signed after it's printed. There is no limit on the number of photos and autographs you can buy, but all purchases are CASH ONLY.

For more information about the event, contact the mall at 540/786-6660.

To learn about the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, visit alexslemonade.org.