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This time, Landry plans to break out page 2
Redskins training camp report

 When he was a rookie for the Redskins, LaRon Landry was expected to be a force in Washington's secondary.
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Date published: 8/11/2010


"For a lot of young guys, when you come into the league, you don't know how to prepare," linebacker London Fletcher said. "You think what you did in college is enough. In the NFL, most of the time that's not going to be enough. There's a physical preparation, and there's also the mental preparation, which is just as important to being successful. I definitely have seen him take his mental approach to another level."

Besides being determined to set his career on the right path--an urgent task considering his contract is up in two years--moving back to strong safety also seems to have invigorated Landry.

Consider the first play of yesterday's practice. In 11-on-11 drills, Landry burst past the line of scrimmage and popped the running back for a two-yard loss.

Being positioned closer to the line of scrimmage instead of maintaining the last line of defense 30 yards back, as he did under former coordinator Greg Blache, seems to suit him better.

"This year is more aggressive," Landry said. "Let's go get it. Read your keys. Be smart about it, but go get it and be aggressive."

Haslett's new 3-4 scheme should afford Landry plenty of chances for the big plays that he craves. Through almost two weeks of training camp, it's evident that he'll be blitzing quite frequently.

Yesterday, Landry and Fletcher both rushed on opposite sides of the center. Landry was picked up, while Fletcher was uncontested en route to the quarterback.

"This scheme, I think, is going to be very good for LaRon and the safeties, in general," Fletcher said. "It's an opportunity for him to be in the box a lot more, blitz, play some coverage. He's going to do so many different things in this scheme. He's going to make plays."

Maybe so, but Landry also has to leave the personal foul penalties and the mental mistakes behind.

Until he proves worthy of a different distinction, he'll be remembered for hitting players out of bounds, or giving up a touchdown on a double move against New Orleans last season, or haplessly throwing himself at Atlanta running back Michael Turner's feet on a 58-yard touchdown.

History can't repeat itself if he is to reach his goals.

"He has great talent, great abilities, which is obvious by where he was taken in the draft," Fletcher said. "It's just a matter of him putting it together."

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