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Regardless of format, reading hooks us page 2
Local children's librarian shares timely suggestions

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Date published: 8/17/2010


"Book One: The Maze of Bones" was written by Rick Riordan, who also mapped out the story arc for the nine books that follow.

A brother and sister embark on a quest around the world to solve 39 clues ahead of any other members of their sprawling Cahill clan.

Their reward will be discovering the secret to success of the most powerful family ever known. The books, each written by a different well-known author, use action and cliffhanger endings to keep kids 10 and up glued to the pages.

The publisher has also created an online "39 Clues" game, collectable cards, and a way for readers to win prizes IRL (in real life).

The final book, written by Margaret Peterson Haddix, is scheduled for publication at the end of the month, bringing this highly successful hybrid to a close.

Personally, I'm not sure what devices kids will be using to read books five or 10 years from now. But as long as publishers keep bringing us compelling plots, fine writing and distinctive illustrations, kids will keep reading, whether on paper or pixels.

Caroline Parr is coordinator of children's services for Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Phone her at 540/372-1160 or e-mail her at
Email: cparr@crrl.org.

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