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'God is Hate': An interview with Margie Phelps page 2

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Date published: 10/9/2010


JW: In the Bible Belt, the divorce rate is at least 50 percent. It is very high even in Christian churches in general. Isn't divorce a bigger issue than homosexuality because divorce destroys families and people's lives?

MP: Look, they are all big issues and we preach about all of them. [B]ut homosexuality is on the front page every day. We didn't make homosexuality the centerpiece. You all did that. And you know how you did that--by your preachers and so-called Christians fornicating, divorcing, and remarrying and committing adultery.

You've handed the keys to the church to the fags. You've got no moral authority left in this nation. There are over 600,000 so-called houses of worship in this country and over 2 million so-called clergy in this country. None outside of Westboro Baptist Church are doing right. They don't have orderly walking members. They don't have faithful preachers. They fill up the pews and the pulpits with proud sinners and you gloss over it all with the lie that "God loves everybody."

JW: But Jesus did talk about loving your enemies. You know these verses.

MP: How do you love your enemies? How do you love your neighbors? You love your enemy by telling him the truth and you love your enemy by imprecatory prayers. Why don't we do what Jesus did? Why don't we do what the apostles did, and what the prophets did, what the good kings did, and what David did? That's how you love your enemy. That's called the "royal law" by James, and it is one of the two greatest commandments on which all the rest of the commandments hang--the other one being to love the Lord thy God with all thy mind, body, heart, and soul.

To fulfill the royal law, you do it in three ways: First, you obey the commandments of God. Don't sleep with your neighbor's wife, for instance.

The second way you do it is you urge your neighbor himself to obey the commandments of God lest He bring the wrath of God down on his household.

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