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'God is Hate': An interview with Margie Phelps page 3

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Date published: 10/9/2010


And third, when he doesn't, you rebuke him openly. If you don't rebuke your neighbor, you hate him. In Ezekiel 33, it says when the sword comes and your soldiers are dying, you are the watchman. If you don't open your mouth and tell them to stop sinning, their blood is on your hands.


JW: So you are speaking truth to power?

MP: Don't rephrase what I said. That's a glib catchphrase. We rebuke them for their sin.

JW: Jesus spoke truth to power. He fought the priests. He fought the Romans, and they crucified Him for it. But here is my question: Wouldn't it be better to be out in front of the White House preaching?

MP: We have picketed the White House many times, and we have picketed every president. Now, they crucified Christ because He preached about Hell and said He was the Messiah and said that those false, phony religionists were going to Hell. That is His message to them. That is why they crucified Him. Not because He "preached the truth to power." They crucified Him for precisely the same message that we deliver.

JW: It is very clear why they crucified Jesus. He claimed to be God. That was Pilate's question to Jesus: "Are you the king of the Jews?" Once Christ said it, He was gone.

MP: And Jesus told them just like we are telling the Jews today--that is, "Don't tell me that you are the son of Abraham and that therefore makes you the chosen people and you get in Heaven because of that. He can make sons of Abraham out of these stones. Obey. Obey." That was Christ's message: Obey.

Now as for the government, [t]he proper way to present truth to any person in government power is precisely the way you present it to average citizens. Tell them the truth. Nothing more, nothing less. And render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. It is proper to obey the law. It is also proper to go into the gate in whatsoever fashion the Lord opens the door of utterance for you and say the word.


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