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'God is Hate': An interview with Margie Phelps page 4

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Date published: 10/9/2010


JW: You exercise your First Amendment rights. You are heavily criticized for your expressive activities, but you also come under physical attack. A large group of people surrounded six members of your church in West Virginia. They tried to set your hair on fire. Somebody spat tobacco on your face. How do you feel about that?

MP: Are you kidding me? This nation, every man and woman in it, has no respect for God's law. Why would they have any respect for man's law?

Let me tell you something: This nation is full of thugs--lawless thugs and brutes, and the reason they are that way is because they have been taught to be that way by every parent, teacher, preacher, and leader of this land. Not only does that stuff go on with our church members, it goes on with scores of police officers standing 5 feet away laughing at it. But though 1,000 fall at my side, and 10,000 at my right hand, they are not going to harm us.

The U.S. Supreme Court is going to rule in our favor. This nation is going to rise up in such a rage, such a mutinous rage, it will become necessary for us to be expelled from this land. And we will be. And when that happens, it's all over for this country. You need to study carefully Jeremiah, Chapters 50 and 51, and Revelation, Chapter 18, for this nation's destruction is imminent.

We told you 20 years ago that if you didn't stop this sinning, this place was going to turn into a foul land. Now that has happened, and this land holds every foul creature. That is the first phase of the fall of Babylon, which is doomed America.

JW: There is no hope for America? No hope at all?

MP: Precisely. Precisely.

JW: What about the Bible story of Jonah and Nineveh? There was hope there.

MP: That's right, and what was that example? They repented.


JW: That is what I am getting to.

MP: You don't think that is on the horizon in this God-forsaken country, do you? Are you kidding me? They would make a mockery. They want to put you in jail for saying it's a sin. The thought of repenting is not on the landscape.

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