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'God is Hate': An interview with Margie Phelps page 6

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Date published: 10/9/2010


We watched that go on at these soldiers' funerals for two years before we started picketing at them. We realized that they have turned those funerals into an international public platform. Everybody uses that funeral to engage in expressive activity, and it is all one side of the dialog.

What's being said is, "He is a hero, and God Bless America." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell me about what a blessing it is to have your young son cut off in his prime lying there in a closed coffin in little tiny pieces. Have you people taken leave of your senses? So we joined that public debate.


JW: How does it feel to be so disliked and hated?

MP: I love that question. And if you knew the words of Christ like a professing Christian should, you would know what a great token of salvation it is, because, as the Scripture says, "Marvel not when the world shall hate you." Do you think the servant is greater than the master? I love that they hate it. I can hardly believe it.

Every time you guys do something to us in this country--like our case now going up to the Supreme Court--big chunks of the rush-to-the-world media come flocking. We have had almost every nation send a big camera crew here to spend a week or two with us. This is reaching the whole world, and without exception, they hate what we are saying.

We are called the most hated family in America. Thank you, Lord! What evidence of our salvation.

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