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Effort to clear teen is rejected page 2
Ruling goes against former Aquia Harbour teen who claims wrongful conviction

Date published: 10/29/2010


As part of their effort to clear the teen's name, they are accusing Rafferty of ineffective counsel and filed affidavits from the teen, his parents and two other teens she represented.

The teen's family faults her for not meeting with them except just before hearings, not investigating the accusations and not looking into the prosecutor's claim that his alleged victim was incapable of consenting to sex.

One of the other teens is also on the sex offender registry after an incident his purported victim says was an accident that occurred while the two were goofing off inside a Stafford County classroom.

Rafferty was in the courtroom yesterday, taking notes. She declined to comment on the case.

The teen and his mother were in the courthouse for yesterday's hearing. While both were disheartened by the hearing's outcome, Cherri Dulaney, who has a different last name, was resolved to press ahead to clear her child's name.

"I'll fight this to the end," she said.

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