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A $10 million lawsuit accuses the University of Mary Washington of negligence in the case of a rape at the school's parking garage

  • PDF: Read the plaintiff's complaint (PDF, 1.31Mb)
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  • Date published: 12/1/2010


    After she was raped, university officials said they planned to have a security guard monitor the parking deck from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. daily.

    There had been no security designated strictly to the garage, and there were no security cameras at the time of the rape. The university installed security cameras in the parking deck after the incident.

    The lawsuit also references former UMW President Judy Hample's controversial safety walk with students and employees in September 2009. It took place shortly after the plaintiff filed a notice of claim, which indicates the intent to take civil action.

    During the security walk stop at the parking deck, Hample called university police from a blue-light emergency phone and said a man was threatening her.

    Hample--who stated her name but didn't identify herself as UMW's president--described the suspect as tall and skinny and said "he's got some kind of athletic jersey that's sort of pulled up over, covered over his head."

    Hample's description of the threat and attacker is "strikingly similar" to what occurred to the plaintiff, the lawsuit alleges.

    Her behavior "served to entertain those persons assembled," the lawsuit states. A video of the safety walk showed participants laughing--seemingly in surprise--as Hample was talking to police on the emergency phone.

    The former president's actions humiliated and embarrassed the victim, the suit states.

    Hample has said she was testing the emergency system in her "official capacity."

    In February, Hample announced her resignation effective June 30. She wouldn't say why she resigned.

    Hample, who has a Tennessee address, could not be reached for comment yesterday.

    The suit goes on to state that UMW's negligence resulted in the plaintiff's injuries, severe emotional distress, humiliation, loss of the enjoyment of life, loss of earnings and more.

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