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Civil War preservation group changes name, logo
National land-conservation organization revamps moniker, symbol as Civil War's 150th anniversary begins

Date published: 1/11/2011


Just in time for the sesquicentennial of its namesake, America's largest battlefield preservation organization has a new name--the Civil War Trust--and a new graphical identity.

Until now, the group--which has deep roots in Fredericksburg--had been called the Civil War Preservation Trust. Its new moniker is shorter and simpler, as is the new logo that the Washington-based nonprofit rolled out yesterday.

The design features the silhouettes of two soldiers, Union and Confederate, each bearing the flag under which he fought, standing guard over the battlegrounds.

To emphasize the trust's preservation ethic, the logo features the tag line "Saving America's Civil War Battlefields" and the organization's website, civilwar.org.

The previous logo had been in use for more than 20 years, so the trust's leaders thought it was time to modernize the symbol and the group's name, spokesman Jim Campi said.

"We felt that shortening the name will help create greater name identity and allow us to reach a wider audience," he said. "As it was, people abbreviated the old name to 'CWPT,' which doesn't mean much to people outside the Civil War community."

The previous logo was oval-shaped, with a U.S. flag on top, a Confederate flag on the bottom, and the initials of the group in the center.

"The weaknesses with it were that it didn't include the full name of the organization or indicate what we do," Campi said.

The shorter name works well with the revamped logo, he said.

"The timing couldn't be better, announcing these changes at the very beginning of the sesquicentennial commemorations, when so many people will be focused on the Civil War and be interested in visiting its battlefields," Campi said.

Trust President Jim Lighthizer informed the group's 55,000 members of the changes in a letter dispatched late last night.

"We hope that unveiling this change at such an exciting time will also help generate greater support for battlefield preservation," Lighthizer wrote. "After all, what better way to commemorate the great struggle between North and South than to save the historic landscapes of the Civil War for our children and grandchildren?"

He stressed that the changes won't affect the group's operation or aims.

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