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Long-term courts fix urged page 2
Judge suggests long-term courts solution

Date published: 1/12/2011


"It's a cost that you have to bear to live in the city and get all the benefits of living in the city versus living in the county," Willis said. "We are a relatively small community. We all know each other socially, we have children who've gone to school together, and we are a close-knit community. You don't get that out in the counties as much because they are growing rapidly."

Howe and Mayor Tom Tomzak both suggested that the high cost of city services, including the courts complex, might one day threaten Fredericksburg's status as an independent city.

Councilwoman Kerry Devine rebutted the possibility that city status might be in danger, but she didn't disagree that the idea of raising taxes to build new courts is tough to embrace.

"It's not for lack of political will; it is the turmoil we have all experienced in the economy," she said.

As the work session ended, there was no real indication of what direction the courts deliberations will take this spring.

Lasting consensus on how to solve the security and capacity problems in the courts has eluded the council for years, and members have changed direction before after committing to a particular plan.

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