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Reaction to Walmart's decision to seek a new site for Supercenter in Orange.

Date published: 1/27/2011

"By withdrawing the current proposal, the company has created an opportunity for all parties to work together to find an appropriate solution--one that will allow Walmart to pursue development elsewhere in Orange County, while ensuring that this important part of America's Civil War heritage is protected." --Statement issued by National Trust for Historic Preservation

"It is a very historic site. In the litigation, the county had taken the position that nothing of importance happened on that site.

"But we were prepared to demonstrate that, based on contemporaneous records, that in fact this was the nerve center of the Union army during the Battle of the Wilderness.

"It's a very historic site, and we could have proven that. And that's why we commend Walmart for deciding not to develop the site."

--Plaintiffs' attorney Robert Rosenbaum

"I was not on the Board of Supervisors at the time the Walmart decision was made, but I have been a longtime supporter of economic growth in Orange County. With the financial hardships the country is experiencing, this was a hope of jobs and revenue in our community.

"Unfortunately, many Orange County citizens will continue to commute outside of our county to earn wages. Already I have heard from several of my constituents and they are deeply disappointed. I will continue to support Walmart building somewhere in Orange County."

--Orange County Supervisor Grover C. Wilson Jr.

"Although Walmart has stated it is still committed to locating in Orange County, the county is anxious to have that assurance demonstrated substantially by Walmart meeting with the county in the coming month to move forward with an alternate site.

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