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What's the status of area projects? page 2
Some are on track, while others haven't left the station.

Date published: 3/4/2011


Caroline received a grant for the $490,000 study, whose result could allow the project to receive federal funding in the future.

—Portsia Smith


The story so far: K. Hovnanian Homes and Garrett Development Corp. initially planned to develop Cobblestone Square into 10 condominium buildings off Lafayette Boulevard near the downtown Fredericksburg train station.

The recession sapped sales, leading the developers to sell the complex in 2008 to apartment-development firm Home Properties Inc.

Outlook: Home Properties has been slow to move forward on the project amid the recession. But the company is now proceeding with construction plans on the property. Eight apartment buildings will be built, potentially bringing hundreds of people downtown.

The old rail depot building will be refurbished into a clubhouse, and a pool will be built. The project should be done by next year.

—Bill Freehling


The story so far: Fredericksburg officials have been working since 2007 to update the city’s court facilities. They have yet to settle on a location or plan for this project, which could be one of the most expensive capital projects in city history.

Outlook: Council members put out a request for court-building proposals from the private sector late last year. Five consortiums responded by the March 1 cutoff.

—Emily Battle


The story so far: Virginia Properties has begun leasing and selling space in Cowan Center, a U–shaped cluster of buildings, and sold Cowan Plaza, a two-story building for use as medical and general offices, to Pratt Medical Center.

Outlook: The Cowan Center now has several tenants including Basilico, an Italian restaurant, which will expand into the space next door; Royal Hair; and Virginia Cardiovascular Care.

Virginia Partners Bank will open a branch there March 14, and Dr. Tasha Willoughby, who does general dentistry, will open in the spring.

—Cathy Jett


The story so far: Smith/Packett MedCom has a 22-acre site off U.S. 17 and Berea Church Road in Stafford County. Last year it opened a new nursing home on the property, Falls Run Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

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